Montag, 25. April 2011

If you cannot get a my3D, try this 3D-Lorgnette

You normally use a 3D Lorgnette to view stereopairs side-by-side in books that are slightly larger than stereocards. Therefor they not only magnify, but also use prisms to slant your view. If you flip the viewing direction, you can also narrow the view, wich worked fine for me with the iPodTouch Gen2.

Sources in USA :
Berezin, who also sells the KMQ viewer that converts iPad into mobile 3-D cinemas.

Sources in Germany:
3d-foto-shop With a better photo.
And you will also get some at my own shop. I plan to ship them in kits with DIY stands for stereo photobooks and maybe for the iOS as well.

Please comment, tweet (@openMy3D) or email me for other sources to publish here.

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