Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Proposals how to shoot and postprocess for my3D compatible videos

The following two formats are supported by trueColor3D.exe version 0.94 :

I also suggest to use two consumer still/video cameras in portrait mode and to shoot in NTSC-SD/VGA resolution. After proper rotation you then get two images of 480 x 640 px that you can crop to 436 x 640 px and place like this:

Montag, 25. April 2011

First vimeo video to play on Hasbro my3D

Using the guidelines of Christopher Scott Knell from Fireline Studios in Burbank (?), who seems to be the first on Youtube, I added support for my3D to the open source tool trueColor3D.exe.

For now this tool is restricted to the Windows platform, but I plan to port it to OSX and Linux as well.

Beside of the native resolution of Gen 4 devices (960px) it also supports a 1280 x 480px mode to bypass some quirks in vimeo.

Do yourself a favour and don't try to use a non-Retina display.
See my other posts, how to replace the My3D viewer by a cheaper solution for non-Gamers.

Here it's night time, so uploading and posting details about the tools will have to wait.

If you cannot get a my3D, try this 3D-Lorgnette

You normally use a 3D Lorgnette to view stereopairs side-by-side in books that are slightly larger than stereocards. Therefor they not only magnify, but also use prisms to slant your view. If you flip the viewing direction, you can also narrow the view, wich worked fine for me with the iPodTouch Gen2.

Sources in USA :
Berezin, who also sells the KMQ viewer that converts iPad into mobile 3-D cinemas.

Sources in Germany:
3d-foto-shop With a better photo.
And you will also get some at my own shop. I plan to ship them in kits with DIY stands for stereo photobooks and maybe for the iOS as well.

Please comment, tweet (@openMy3D) or email me for other sources to publish here.

Hollywood Pro reviews my3D and creates video optimzed for it

Review on Youtube

When I commented his review and pointed to this open source project, the author blocked me an regarded it as SPAM.
How can I avoid this? Sorry, FireLineStudios, I shouldn't feel like a Spammer.

And here comes the Link to his first My3D optimized FujiW3 video
If you comment, please say hello from pixelpartner.
I will follow his technique how to reformat for my3D in my next release of trueColor3D.

Freitag, 22. April 2011

Create stereopairs for my3D

It's a pitty, non-US customers cannot buy my3D viewers yet. But this very interesting DIY hacking blog post helped me a lot to figure out proper image formatting.

Montag, 4. April 2011

Hasbro binds its Apps to My3D with a code / serialNo

Product FAQ

Freitag, 1. April 2011

Product details on My3D

Judging on the new
Hasbro product page,
there are gaps in the case to reach two touch areas on the user interface.

And Hasbro delivers 4 cradles for different device generations and types.

A spanish alternative to My3D - TOYin3D

The TOYin3D website

Hasbro's My3D in US stores with 7 free Apps

Press release posted by iPhoneFAQ