Montag, 25. April 2011

First vimeo video to play on Hasbro my3D

Using the guidelines of Christopher Scott Knell from Fireline Studios in Burbank (?), who seems to be the first on Youtube, I added support for my3D to the open source tool trueColor3D.exe.

For now this tool is restricted to the Windows platform, but I plan to port it to OSX and Linux as well.

Beside of the native resolution of Gen 4 devices (960px) it also supports a 1280 x 480px mode to bypass some quirks in vimeo.

Do yourself a favour and don't try to use a non-Retina display.
See my other posts, how to replace the My3D viewer by a cheaper solution for non-Gamers.

Here it's night time, so uploading and posting details about the tools will have to wait.

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