Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Haspro announced to ship My3D in spring 2011. It will be available in most stores selling Apple iOS devices based on the new very high resolution retina displays.
These displays provide a whopping resolution of 960x640 Pixel.
It is very likely that the My3D will present 480 x 640 per eye.

Image (C) Haspro

Haspro developed this together with Apple and there will be a new section for VirtualReality (VR) and ArgumentedRealtity (AR) based games and 3-D movie trailers in the Apple iOS AppStore.

I'm planning to provide conversion software to bring your own home made videos and your favorite downloaded YT3D clips to this device. You will then also be able to upload your own content to vimeo to present it to an explosively growing My3D community.

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