Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Picture of my3D

This blog moved to github

Dear readers,
From now on, I will only be active on twitter, facebook and github.

The Blog can now be found here :
The central twitter account is : @trueColor3D
The main Facebook group is

Freitag, 17. August 2012

Talk and handsOn at the CampusPartyEurope2012 in Berlin

Next friday, I will give a talk about my open source activities (truecolor3D, openKMQ3D, openMy3D, 3dvideocasting, ...) at the Campus Party in Berlin. There's still one free guest ticket (for the full event) to give away.

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Another great slideshow of depth paintings by XtraDefinition

Watch it on Youtube in undistorted 3-D

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Gorgeous Women 1

I uploaded a slide show with depth-painted 3D stills made by the Youtube user XtraDefinition3D aka XD3D on flickr

Gorgeous Women in trueColor3D for smartphone goggles

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Bugfixing trueColor3D, especially for my3D sbs usage

I'm sorry to say, but instead of making the version for Windows and Linux available, I found out about another bug and decided to first fix it.
Therefor, we now have version 0.99 on OSX that you can find here for download.

And, since last week the source code is hosted on the open source sharing/colaboration platform github

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

got my own my3D today

I finally received my very own Hasbro viewer from the states.Hopefully this will enhance and speed up my work on trueColor3D, the converter tool.I'm rather disappointed by the LCD resolution of my iPod2. It does NOT have retina resolution and all videos and games appear blurred and unsharp.